ASP Functionality

— Easy Use, Easy Access, Easy TERMIS

The ASP (Application Service Provider) and thin client solution enables you to run the TERMIS programs from any pc on a network. In other words, the ASP — most likely your system integrator — will make a server available for running and maintaining your models. You will have remote access to the models in order to view the current process situation in your network. All software necessary to run TERMIS in offline, online or real-time mode is installed on the ASP server.

Consequently, you will reduce costs in different areas, such as:

  • Local hardware.
  • Software maintenance — you will always have access to the latest version without having to install or update software in your local environment.
  • Central backup of all data.

Furthermore, you may gain access to the model on any computer that is connected to the Internet and meets the general technical requirements.

Figure 1. TERMIS ASP functionality.

If you only want to examine results, you should choose the ASP offline or the ASP online/real-time browser. However, if you want to see results and do calculations, you should choose the ASP full offline or the ASP full online/real-time browser.

The ASP will be responsible for maintaining and running your models on the server, to which you have remote access.

The model can be updated automatically by using Model Manager.