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Descriptions of general driver alarms now available


In the Alarm List I have seen one of the general driver alarms, for example "Receive timeout", but I cannot find the description of the error code shown in the Worst Value field. Where do I find descriptions of the general driver error codes?


IGSS comes with a set of predefined system alarms. Some of these alarms are common to all drivers. When such a general driver alarm appears in the Alarm List, the operator will see:

an alarm number an alarm text an error code in the Worst value field


As an example, a general driver error code will appear for the General COMLI 31 protocol driver (7TCML) in the following cases:

  • There is no physical connection to the PLC
  • IGSS tries to read an invalid memory area

The alarm will look like this:

Alarm number Alarm text Worst value field in Alarm List
20 Error on input 0x0053 (Receive timeout)


The descriptions of all the general driver error codes are now available in two help files:

1. Alarm Help

In the Table of Contents open the book "The Alarm List", then the book "Predefined System Alarms" and select the topic "List of general driver error codes".

Alarm Help

2. Driver-Specific Help

In the Table of Contents, open the book "Driver Communication Errors" and select the topic "List of general driver error codes".
Driver Specific Help

Additionally, the topic "Driver error codes in the Alarm List" describes how driver error codes must be interpreted.