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Using symbol libraries in IGSS


Can I use any symbol libraries other than the built-in IGSS symbol file, Symbols.v12?


Many of our competitors use the symbol library called Symbol Factory. It contains a number of drawings well-suited for automation systems. The drawings can be exported to *.bmp or *.wmf format (*.wmf is recommended for IGSS32). Once converted, the drawing will have a white background, but it can be removed by importing it into CorelDraw, selecting the drawing without the background and then grouping the appropriate elements and saving it as an *.emf file. You can then place the drawing on a process diagram, connect it to an IGSS object, put it in the Library toolbar, etc. The picture below shows one of the symbol tables in Symbol Factory.

Symbol Librariy Version 3

Further information about Symbol Factory is available from its manufacturer, Software Toolbox. From their Web site, you can download a demo version.